Farshad Farivar Enjoys Bicycling

Cycling has always been considered as good to health exercise and a mode of transportation. Bicycling has comparatively more health benefits as compared to any other exercise. It is not only healthy but also involves less air and noise pollution, consume no fossil fuels, no traffic jams, easy parking with an easy access to roads and paths as compared to other motor vehicles.

Farshad Farivar says that there are no special instructions or skills to be learnt for riding a bicycle. One need to be aware about the road rules and should know how to maintain balance while riding a bicycle. Bicycle is good for short to moderate distances travels. It is also safe mode of transportation and easy to drive on road. It is mostly used in urban areas. Farshad Farivar uses another term ‘utility cycling’. When cycling is used for daily commuting transport as well as for commercial activity it is known as utility cycling.

Apart from this Farshad Farivar finds bicycling as a recreational activity too and is enjoyed as a recreational activity among all age groups. Farshad Farivar talks about bicycling touring which is also known as cyclotourism. It includes touring, exploring and sightseeing that bicycler enjoys as leisure. Bicycling is also enjoyed as an organized ride which is mainly organized by cycling clubs. This is a type of ride which has participates from all age groups. Most of the organized rides need a registration of the bicycler which is again done by the clubs that organizes such activities or rides.

Farshad Farivar also talks about another activity that is performed using bicycle i.e. racing. Bicycle racing is one of the common recreational activities.  This activity is not only enjoyed as a free time pass but also is executed as a professional sport. Bicycle racing involves both individual and team competition. Such competitions are executed in different parts of the world. Bicycle racing may be carried out for one or more than one day depending on type of competition being organized.

Another type of activity or say racing that a Farshad Farivar talks about is track bicycling. Track bicycles are used for this activity. This type of bicycle racing is executed in velodromes. Apart from this cyclo-cross race is also executed which is mainly performed on outdoor terrain, using pavement, grass and mud. Cyclo-cross race is majorly race in which a bicycle rider crosses and passes many manmade barriers either by bunny hop or by dismounting and walking over. Another such race that the bicycle racing involves is racing against time in which a bicycle rider rides against time to win the race. These time racing can be performed by a single bicycle rider as an individual or more than one bicycle rider as a team participation.

Farshad Farivar as already stated considers bicycling as a best exercise. Cycling is a non weight bearing exercise and helps a rider to gain improved fitness and cardiovascular health. It is also beneficial for people suffering from arthritis of the lower limb.